“Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well.” - Philip Stanhope

"Isn't it amazing how you have time to go back and do the thing again, but you didn't have time to do it right the first time?!" - Clifford Leach Jr.


I'm Daniel, the owner of Done Right by Daniel, LLC, and I specialize in ensuring the job is getting the job done right. As an analytical, detail-oriented person, I'm always working through things in an organized, detailed manner, ensuring I gather all the pieces, then creating solutions that fit the criteria of the job at hand. Combining my passions of working with my hands, building things, and utlitizing smart solutions, I get to enjoy my work, which makes every day an easy day for me.

I began my work in residential construction at 15 years old as a Contractors helper. As green as a newly grown leaf, I caught on fast by listening, paying attention, and following directions to the letter. 
At 18, I was hired on at a state-run facility to work in the maintenance department of a large college campus. I was laid off almost a year later due to budget cutbacks.
At 19, I was working with a contractor, and taking on some jobs of my own.
By 20, I was working almost completely for myself.
At 21, I took on my first contract worth $10,000 or more; I completed it ahead of schedule and under budget.
For four years I built, remodeled, renovated, repaired, and/or improved peoples houses, garages, barns, decks, patios, basements, attics, green houses, dog houses, outhouses, chicken houses, and just about anything else you could build. 
Inside of that four years, I amassed and ran a crew of over 200 people to flip more than 500 houses inside a three year period.
I was the third man on a 100+ unit subdivision project, responsible for ensuring all materials were ordered and on-site, ready to work, when needed.
I was then hired as the second man on a 100+ unit subdivision project, handling all materials as above, PLUS, scheduling and managing all of the subcontractors throughout the project.
I took some time off from construction to explore other areas of life, learn how to better manage my business, and see what else I enjoyed doing. 
I was brought back to construction as a residential handyman, literally falling back into it, and I've been doing that at least part time since then.
I spent two years working in Wind Turbine Technology, but when a back injury took me off Turbines, I gathered up the pieces and started a new adventure, Done Right by Daniel.
I started consulting for a friend of a friend, helped him recover his project, and went on to do the same for dozens more people.
Many people heard about me from my previous clients, and some of them hired me from the very beginning of their project, which helped move things along much faster, and gave my clients peace of mind, knowing that they had me in their corner.
Bringing my knowledge, experience, skills, wisdom, and methods to the table, I am your best resource for ensuring your construction project is being handled with Quality, Value, and Integrity, from start to finish.