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Ready to get things started? Fill out the form, and we'll get your project off to a great start! The information you give me up front helps frame your project, and quickly identify how I can best be of service.

The basics are easy, and all of your information is protected by my Privacy Policy.

For disciplines, you can select one, or more, based on what you're aiming for. We can adjust these later if needed.

If you have a contractor picked out, I'd like to know who it is, or what company it is.

Some things to consider when telling me about your project:

Phase: Are you dreaming it up, looking for plans feedback, ready to build, or in over your head?

Site: Is it residential? Commercial? Renovation/remodeling or new build? Do you rent or own here?

Current problems or goals: Tell me what's going on with it, or what you'd like to accomplish by having me involved?

You can send me pictures, plans, or documents about your project for review.


The Process:

Once you've filled and submitted the form, I'll review it, and get back to you within 2 business days. I'll either schedule you for my next available site visit time, or, ask you any pertinent questions I need answered before I can schedule said site visit.

If you're in need of a service call, I'll simply get you on the schedule for the next available service call slot.

All of my scheduling is handled via Google Calendar, which will send you an email when an appointment is created, updated, or changed.

All appointments are scheduled for the arrival and service time. The start of the appointment time is my target arrival time, +/- 30 minutes. 

Once I've performed the site visit, I'll compile and review the details in my office, then provide you with a detailed estimate, usually within three business days. 

To accept the estimate, simply sign, date, and return it to me, and I'll send you the mobilization invoice. Once that is paid, I'll place materials orders and schedule the work. 



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