When you need it done right, right now, call on me!

I've been fixing things in, on, and around houses since 1999, getting the job done Right, and ensuring you get a quality repair you can rely on.

I can handle electrical, plumbing, carpentry, home theater, smart home, home automation, home networking, and a variety of other repairs in and around the house. If I can't fix it, I can help you find the person who can.

Service calls in the Greater Denver area are a flat rate $100, and include travel and the first half hour of labor.

Estimates are free, and include a site visit for me to come walk through your project with you if needed.

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Things I can do:

Inside, outside, topside, bottom side, all around, and in every room of the house!

This is a list of things I can do, but this is not ALL of the things I can do.

Appliance Repair:

Washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, heaters, toasters, microwaves, televisions, treadmills, ellipticals, exercise equipment, and much more!

Automitive Diagnostics:

Old or new, doesn't matter, fill out the form, and I can come to you!

I have several methods and means of diagnosing various issues, and at the very least can point you in the right direction.

Carpentry, rough to fine finish:

Framing, bracing, blocking, general building.

Base, case, crown, chair rail, moulding, trim, custom cabinets, carpentry, finish, fine finish, doors, windows, locksets, hardware, towel rods, hinges, knobs, handles, hooks, mounts, TV mounts, furniture assembly, mdoluar furniture, custom furniture, custom carpentry.

Drywall, hang, install, patch, mud, tape, texture:

Sheet rock, drywall, dry rock, fire rock, firewall, tape, mud, hang, finish, patch, texture, repair.

Electrical troubleshooting, repair, and finish:

Switches, outlets, lights, fixtures, motion lights, new lights, ceiling fans, house fans, attic fans, wiring, plugs, transfer switches, changeover switches, sub panels, breakers.

Low Voltage work:

Ethernet, coax, A/V, HDMI cabling and connections, cameras, security systems, doorbells, motion sensors, alarm sensors, wireless networking, Wi-Fi.

Paint and coverings/coatings:

Cut in, trim, walls, ceiling, roller, spray, caulk, seal, stain.

Plumbing troubleshooting, repair, and finish:

Faucets, sinks, toilets, tubs, showers, spigots, irrigation, drains, drainage.