For all of the services I offer, some things you need to know:

1) All of the work I do will be under a contract agreement between company and client.

2) All of my contracts reference my General Terms.

3) It is in the nature of construction that things will change during the project. When this happens, I will make every effort to advise the client of these changes, and any associated changes in Scope, Cost, or Schedule, as soon as possible.

4) I aim to be as transparent as possible about my services, rates, and scopes.

5) I provide quality, thorough services to my clients on a Priority Basis.

6) All of the services I offer are custom tailored to my client, their needs, and specific conditions.


For details on each service, see the page in the list below:


Woodworking from rough to finish, including trim, cabinets, doors, windows, and more.
Construction Management, Project Management, Project Recovery
When your project doesn't 'fit the mold'
Managing the Production Division of a Construction Company.