Production Management:

Managing the Production Output of a Construction Company.

Inside any working construction company you should find a minimum of three key divisions:

1) Sales. No company ever survives without a sales division, a person or team dedicated to selling the goods or services the company has to offer.

2) Adminstration. The person or team who handles and/or manages the day to day internal operations of the company. Bookkeeping, Marketing, Accounting, Payables, and Receivables all fall into this division.

3) Production. The Person or team responsible for PRODUCING the projects sold, ideally made up of a Senior Project Manager, one Project Manager for each $50,000 of project, and one or more Project Assistants or Coordinators.

As a Production Manager, I don't just manage the projects themsleves, I also manage the resources of the division as a whole, ensuring that the time and money spent in the Production division are accounted for, estimated properly, and spent wisely.

There are three key areas I focus on first:

1) Workflow. The entire life cycle of the project, from conception (Marketing Lead) to Completion (Signed off and paid in full) needs to be mapped out, and each step clearly laid out so everyone knows where the project is, what it needs now, what it needs next, and how to get it to the next step.

2) Resources. Completing any project requires resources, but as a Production Manager, I'm ensuring we have the right resources to complete this project on time, in budget, and safely.

3) Communication. Throughout the lifecycle of the Project, comunication needs to be clear, concise, and properly shared to ensure everyone is on the same page, aware of their part in the project, and properly prepared for, or actively producing, their part.